HPI-114712 ESC SS-3SWP2 Waterproof Tamiya Plug


HPI-114712 ESC SS-3SWP2 Waterproof Tamiya Plug

Waterproof, powerful, rugged..and now even smaller than before!

The SC-3SWP2 is a powerful and durable speed controller that is fantastic for RC vehicles of all type! Whether youve got a touring car, buggy or truck, this is the ideal unit to control the power for any vehicle equipped with a brushed motor of 12 turns or more. The SC-3SWP2 is also fully waterproof, making it the only choice for anyone who enjoys playing on the beach, in snow or even through mud!

This new version 2 is smaller than the original, making it..perfectly sized to..fit in the tight spaces of the latest RC vehicles, whether you have a touring car racer or desert buggy!

If youve got plenty of power to strap into your RC, you can count on the SC-3SWP2 to handle it: able to handle LiPo power of 2S and 3S or between 5 and 9 NiMH cells, this speedo can handle just about anything can you fit into the chassis! Of course, a safety cut-off is fitted to protect your LiPo batteries.

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